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How to: apply lipstick! (+ lip contour)

Hi-ya! It’s been a while since i last did one of these, but i figured it’d be nice to make an updated tutorial on this with a better perspective, edition and camera use!!

I always get questions on my lips… No they’re not fake (i did not have surgery and i never edit them because i’m too lazy to edit anything), and no i don’t usually overline them unless i want to completely change the shape of my lips for a  specific look.

Now let’s get to the tutorial!!!

First you should exfoliate your lips and moisturize them (this last step should take about 20 minutes at least). Make sure you have no leftover products on your lips before you start.


Now for the most important part: lining your lips to define the shape and make sure your lipstick lasts longer.

Make an X on your cupid’s bow to map out the shape of it. It will vary depending on the shape of your lips, but it should still look like an X.photo_2016-08-08_23-18-37

Now, line the central bottom part of you bottom lip to make sure everything is even.photo_2016-08-08_23-18-26

Careful now…because we have to line the corners of our lips! make sure you don’t miss them or you’ll spend 20 minutes trying to make your lips look symmetrical!!!photo_2016-08-08_23-18-31

Connect all the lines carefully, trying to make them as straight as possible. Fill in your lips if you’ll be using a non matt lipstick.photo_2016-08-08_23-18-13

Fill them in and you’re done!!photo_2016-08-08_23-18-19

Lip contouring

To do this you’ll only need a lip pencil darker than your lipstick and a lip color lighter than what you’ll wear.

Take your dark lip pencil and draw this on your lips, then blend it out with your fingers.photo_2016-08-08_23-18-19

Now grab the lighter color (could even be a concealer) and dab a tiny bit as shown on this picture. Blend it all out and repeat the steps you feel that need perfecting.photo_2016-08-08_23-18-42

Throw some gloss on top if you want some extra volume! You should end up with something like this, hope you enjoyed the tutorial!photo_2016-08-08_23-18-07

Comment down below if you’d like to see more lip tutorials with a list of the products i used! And don’t forget to visit my if you have any questions or ideas you’d like to see!!


How to: Cut your hair!

Siempre intento grabarme para que veáis cómo me corto el flequillo…¡Y por fin lo he conseguido! No me lo corto recto, sino en forma de U ya que así puedo llevarlo de lado o abierto en el centro. Disculpad la mala luz y la mala cara, pero lo grabé por la noche y estoy enferma x___x

I always try and record myself cutting my bangs…and i finally succeded!! I don’t cut it straight, but in more of a U shape just so i can wear it to the side or just open it right at the middle. Excuse the bad lighting and ugly face, but i recorded it at night…and i’m sick x____x

Empieza con el pelo ligeramente húmedo y separando la sección que quieres que corresponda a tu flequillo.

Start of with slightly damp hair, sectioning your bangs as desired.


Peina esa sección. Mantenla entre dos de tus dedos como en el gif y gírala.

Comb that section. Hold it with your fingers and twist it as shown.


Pon los dedos a la altura que desees cortar, y úsalos como guía para cortar en línea recta. Recuerda que debes cortar por debajo de los dedos, no por encima.

Put your fingers where you want to cut and use them as a guide tu cut a straight line. Remember you must cut under the fingers, never on top of them.


Ahora sólo tienes que peinarlo como de costumbre 🙂

Now just style it as you usually do 🙂


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